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Alban Berg:


Since I was so deeply and enthusiasticly inspired by my doctoral supervisor Prof. Rudoph Stephan, who himself was responsible for the most fundamental work for the publication of Berg's complete editions, this project is dedicated to Prof. Rudolph Stephan. It tries to provide Alban Berg's entire oeuvre with the highest possible completness, and precision which is accessible for me as a trained interpreter and musicologist.

"Alban Berg resampled" presents the most comprehensive and interpretatively most accurate complete recording of all non-scenic works. It is based on one of the most incomprehensible listing of Alban Berg's oeuvre to date and in this point goes beyond the valuable fundamental work of the Alban Berg Complete Edition to which this project owe very much. A not inconsiderable part of Berg's manuscripts in the context of this project was made audible here for the very first time. Merely the realization of the two operas, which are already among the most frequently performed works by Berg, is currently being dispensed, since in these two works the context selected here seem to be scarcly able to contribute anything, which was not already unveiled in the previous performances of these operas. Even if the date of many manuscripts is difficult to decide today, an attempt is made to classify the works in a chronological context based on available biografic information. The recordings are linked in the entries in the worklisting and chronology.